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Est. Sept. 9, 2002
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It is named in honor of Osceola County Fire Rescue Lt John Mickel, who died tragically during a live fire exercise. His dedication to training and brotherhood were evident in his work, as well as by the performance of his crew. This award is designated for a Chapter that spreads the spirit and the word of the FOOLS through Brotherhood.

**  Recipient of the 2006 John Mickel Award **
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Captain Eric Hankins, NorCal FOOLS
  Recipient of the 2010 
Ray Downey Courage and Valor Award
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In Memory of 

Stephen C. Lieberman
Fire Chief (Ret)
Donner Summit Fire Department
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NorCal FOOL members from Sacramento (CA) Fire Department,  conducting live fire training for Red Bluff (CA) fire in an acquired structure